Omelet is one of the favorite breakfast options of many. It is a protein-rich food that offers nutrients while keeping you full at the same time. It promotes cardio health, helps in the repair, recovery, and growth of cells and tissues, enhances cell production, prevents autoimmune conditions, and helps prevent cancer.

What’s great about omelet is that you can add many other ingredients that can make your meal even healthier and tastier. You can add mushrooms which are low in calories and rich in protein and fiber, tomatoes which are known for their ability to maintain blood pressure, promote heart health, and prevent cancer, cheese which contains protein, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and vitamins A and B12, and even a whole grain toast which is high in fiber, protein, and plant compounds.

Start your day the healthy way with a serving of omelet with mushrooms, tomato, cheese, and whole grain toast. Certainly, you’ll be full and happy throughout the day.

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