Specially designed for women prepared to quickly burn the fat and lose weight.

See below the two-week menu of the Effective Weight Loss Meal Plan.

Meal Plan 1200-1400 KCal was designed for achieving maximum effective weight loss. It was developed by our chef and reviewed by a registered holistic nutritionist to lead you through the process of steady and healthy weight loss by achieving the perfect balance of fats, proteins and carbs.  Meal plan will provide you with right amount of calories needed for weight loss and at the same time you will never feel hungry with our Five Course Meal daily plans.

This low carb diet was primarily designed for women with low metabolism who don’t have time for regular workouts. It will help you to steadily decrease your weight by switching your diet towards healthier and proper balanced meals. We suggest 2 – 3 weeks of consumption for best results. You can expect a loss of 0.5 – 2 pounds/week. (results may vary) Please remember we don’t offer diets we offer healthier lifestyle. We understand that it is hard to say no to a delicious donut or cheesecake, however our team of professional recommends no additional food or high calorie drinks.

Remember: you can order one or more weeks. The menu for week 1 happens every odd week and the menu for week 2 in even weeks, interspersed.

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