Cottage Cheese Casserole
Cottage cheese is a kind of low-calorie cheese that comes with a mild flavor and a soft, white texture. It’s made by curdling milk with acidic ingredients such as vinegar or lime . As the milk boils, lumps of curd will formed, and these lumps of curd will pressed to squeeze out the milk serum which will form the cheese.
Because it contains low calorie, offers a lot of protein, and comes with essential nutrients. nutritionists often recommend cottages cheese  as a great part of a healthy diet. In fact, it’s a favorite delicacy among athletes and those trying to maintain their weight.
What’s great about cottages cheese is that it can made into delicious breakfast meals such as Cottage Cheese Casserole. With just a bunch of greens like spinach or celery, you can already make a pot of a cheesy breakfast treat!.  mixing some eggs to your recipe can even add protein to your diet. And if you love cheese so much, you can put parmesan cheese. besides to your cottage cheese to give yourself the cheesiest, healthiest breakfast you can enjoy as you start your day.
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