Chicken breast has several health benefits. It has plenty of proteins that help prevent many diseases. is also rich in minerals such as iron, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin, zinc, and many more. It also contains selenium which boosts the body’s immune system.

Couscous provides many health benefits; it helps prevent cancer, increases heart health, prevents bacterial and viral infections, promotes normal metabolism, and improves digestion.

Green salad is also beneficial for your health as vegetables generally have an abundant source of nutrients and vitamins. It is a high-fiber meal that can lower your cholesterol levels and prevent constipation. It also contains good fat such as lycopene and lutein.

Chicken breast with couscous and green salad is a sweet flavored meal that is best served for lunch. The combination of the white meat, couscous, and vegetables gives your stomach the satisfaction that it needs in the middle of the day during lunchtime.

And Heres another salad that can add up to your daily meal it can be alternate with Chicken Breast with caesar salad where it can be order with our site too. so take a chance to taste our salads.

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