Almonds are edible and nutrient-rich, nut-like kernels from the almond tree. They generally have a neutral taste, but they may also have sweet or bitter flavors. They are the perfect after-breakfast snack as they are rich in proteins and other nutrients.

Because they can suppress your appetite, almond are the ideal daily snack for those at risk of diseases like diabetes. Almond are full of minerals such as manganese and magnesium which help the body form strong bones and manage blood glucose. They are also high in valuable monounsaturated fats which help lower cholesterol levels and vitamin E which protects the skin against the UV light damage.

What’s great about almonds is that a handful of them may well be the perfect after-breakfast snack to beat your hunger while keeping you healthy and fit. They can be consumed dry-roasted and lightly salted as a morning snack, preferably two hours after breakfast.